It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

The Creeping Progressiveness of ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’


At 12 seasons and counting, the show is a vivid timeline of evolving American sentiment.

Nanette Hannah Gadsby

Netflix’s ‘Nanette’ and the Importance of Uncomfortable Conversations


If you don’t feel welcomed by Hannah Gadsby’s new Netflix special, that’s not an invitation to leave.

Game Night Jesse Plemmons

The Best Comedies of 2018 So Far


Here are the 10 movies that made us laugh the most in the first six months of the year, ranked.

Natalie Portma Hot Ones Thumb No Logo

If ‘Hot Ones’ Isn’t Already Your Internet Obsession, It’s About to Be


Are you ready to call yourself a spice lord?

Ideal Home

‘Ideal Home’ Review: Paul Rudd and Steve Coogan Dazzle In an Ill-Fitted Story


Not all of this movie’s shortcomings can be overlooked for a charming Paul Rudd and his nice beard.

Oceans Team

‘Ocean’s 8’ is a Stepping Stone, Not the Destination


Transition phases can be awkward, but that’s how we get places.

Jim Carrey Truman Show

It’s The Truman Show and We’re All Living in It


The lives we live today reflect the broadcasted reality depicted in Peter Weir’s satirical, sci-fi comedy.

nun Black Narcissus

The Worst Nuns of Cinema


Bar nun, these sisters are the best of the worst.

Book Club Paramount Pictures

Hollywood Needs More Movies Like ‘Book Club’


‘Book Club’ is nothing more than your typical romantic comedy with an older-than-average cast. That’s what makes it special.