Brief History

Brief History is a column that tells you all you need to know about your favorite — and not so favorite — pop culture topics. It is currently written weekly by Will DiGravio.

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A Brief History of One-Shot Films


‘1917’ is the latest movie to apply the technique, but ambitious filmmakers have been experimenting with it for decades.

Hero To Villain

A Brief History of Actors Successfully Going From Hero to Villain


Sometimes joining the dark side brings out the best in us.

How To Train Your Dragon 3

A Brief History of Great Movie Dragons


From Toothless to Maleficent to The Eborsisk, we paint the raddest van mural of all time.

V For Vendetta

A Brief History of Alan Moore’s Hatred of Movies Based On His Work


The outspoken comics legend isn’t a fan of adaptations of his stories. So ‘The Show’ receiving his seal of approval makes it a must-see.

Ghostbusters Czechoslovakian movie posters

A Brief History of Strange Czechoslovakian Movie Posters


How Czechoslovakia created some of the most interesting film art.

Abbott And Costello Meet Frankenstein Universal Continuity

A Brief History of Cinematic Crossovers


The current influx of superhero team-ups didn’t invent the character crossover.

Real Movie Couples

A Brief History of Good Movies Featuring Real Couples


As John Krasinski and Emily Blunt’s ‘A Quiet Place’ hit theaters, we looked at other movie star couples who worked together.

The Lawnmower Man

A Brief History of Virtual Reality in Movies


Before ‘Ready Player One,’ a bunch of other movies entered virtual reality as well.

George Lucas Star Wars

A Brief History of George Lucas’ ‘Star Wars’ Sequel Trilogy


The creator of our most enduring franchise has told a lot of different stories over the years.