Blumhouse Goes On ‘The Hunt’ With ‘The Leftovers’ Team


The latest from Damon Lindelof, Nick Cuse, and Craig Zobel could be the precursor to an all-new socially conscious horror franchise.

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‘Creep’ Shows Unsettling the Audience Makes a More Memorable Scare


Weirder is better in the horror genre.

Halloween Curtis And Myers

‘Halloween’ is a Huge Hit


The sequel had the best opening for a slasher movie ever while also breaking another October box office record.

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30 Female Directors Who Would Kill It At Blumhouse


Or make horror movies anywhere else, for that matter.

Halloween Jamie Lee Curtis

‘Halloween’ Succeeds With One Foot in the Past and One Toward theĀ Future


The legendary horror franchise received an upgrade, but also pays homage to the past.

Fantasy Island

We Didn’t Ask For It But a ‘Fantasy Island’ Movie is On the Horizon


Jeff Wadlow and Blumhouse promise to grant our fantasies with their latest reboot.

Ghoul Netflix

Get Ready for ‘Ghoul’


Netflix prepares to launch their second original series from India.

Jason Blum

Jason Blum Brings Horror to the Comfort of Your Home


Jason Blum is branching away from his typical horror films to bring something that we all fear right into our living rooms: politics.

Jennifers Body Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried and Kevin Bacon Are In The Blumhouse Now


‘You Should Have Left’ has all the potential in the world to be a welcome comeback for some underappreciated talent.