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Alfonso Cuaron Gravity

What’s Next for the 2019 Oscar Winners?


We look into the near future of this year’s winners.

Oscars Amy Tina Maya

The Underrated Moments of Oscars 2019


Forget about ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ and focus on the positives.

Roma Movie Theater

More People Watch the Oscars Than Go to Most Movies


Looking at the box office success of this year’s Academy Award winners, ABC is lucky to have as high viewership for the telecast as they do.

Eighth Grade Selfie

Investigating the Use of Smartphones in Popular Movies


Watch a video essay that examines the surprisingly minor use of smartphones in last year’s biggest movies.

Bohemian Rhapsody X

The Golden Globes Were Pretty Weird This Year


The good and the bad of the show that heavily honored ‘Green Book’ but also Alfonso Cuarón.

Bird Box

‘Bird Box’ Appears to Have Had the Best Movie Opening Ever


Netflix claims the movie was viewed by more than 45 million people in its first week of streaming. Let’s put that into a multitude of contexts.

Black Panther Movie Of The Year

Movie of the Year (2018): Black Panther


When the histories are written, ‘Black Panther’ will stand alone as The Movie of 2018. Carl Broughton explains why.

Black Panther

The Editors of ‘Black Panther’ Explain Marvel’s Labor of Love


Long-time Marvel and Ryan Coogler collaborators respectively, editors Debbie Berman and Michael P. Shawver tell all about their invaluable contributions to Wakanda in the cutting room.

A Star is Born

One of These 15 Tunes Will Win the Oscar For Best Original Song


The most formidable nominees include “Shallow” from ‘A Star Is Born’ and “All The Stars” From ‘Black Panther.’