Black Panther


Black Panther Wakanda Forever

‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’ Tries (and Mostly Succeeds) to Balance Emotion and Spectacle


The king is dead! Long live the…

Comic Con Hall H Black Panther

Comic-Con, The Hall H Line Problem, and ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’


Step one is recognizing there is no problem.

Black Panther Best Picture Debate Week

‘Black Panther’ Does Not Need an Academy to Declare Itself Best Picture


Three years after its release, the Marvel superhero film only grows in its relevance.

The Falcon And Winter Soldier Episode 3

The Black Panther Connection in ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ Episode 3


Sam and Bucky fail to see a disastrous future created from their actions. Wakanda, on the other hand, sees all too clearly.

Black Panther Wakanda show

Ryan Coogler is Working on a Wakanda Series for Disney+


In addition to the upcoming ‘Black Panther’ sequel, Marvel has big plans for the hidden African nation.

Black Panther

Drawing the Differences Between Art Directors and Production Designers


Designing the world of a film is no easy task. How do these two roles help execute it?

Decade Rewind Spandex

A Decade In Spandex


In 2010, we worried about superhero fatigue. In 2019, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes threaten to eradicate cinema. In 2030, what’s cinema?

Black Panther T'challa Killmonger Challenge

Why Marvel Heroes Always Fight Villains with the Same Powers


Duality is an important element to story structure.

Marvels World

How Do The Rest of Us Live in Marvel’s World?


For all the anti-Marvel moviegoers out thereā€”I am one of you, but I must admit we’re overlooking a very significant something.