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Ace In The Hole

Good News is No News: The Corruption of American Media in ‘Ace in the Hole’


Billy Wilder’s 1951 film noir masterpiece is an unforgiving satire of the American media and its audience.

Barbara Stanwyck In Double Indemnity

Out of the Shadows: Scoring ‘Double Indemnity’


Find out why this movie’s music is so unique within film noir.

Best Comedy Movies Some Like It Hot

‘Some Like it Hot’ and the Comedic Genius of Marilyn Monroe


Billy Wilder brought out some of the best comedic acting from the screen legend.

Best Movie Pool Scenes

The 10 Best Swimming Pool Scenes in Movies


From the sparkling waters of The Graduate to Poltergeist’s oozing vat of corpses, these picks illustrate the incredible versatility of the cinematic swimming pool.

Billy Wilder And Jack Lemmon Collaborations

The Enduring Appeal of Billy Wilder and Jack Lemmon’s Decades-Spanning Collaboration


Their professional partnership constituted seven exceptional films and one of Hollywood’s most dazzling, symbiotic actor/director relationships.

The Mirisch Company

Why Billy Wilder is Deemed the Greatest Screenwriter of All Time


Contemporary writers love his iconic dialogue and hysterically human characters.

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Thank You For Smoking: Lighting Up With Billy Wilder