Soulmakes Sarah Snook

‘Soulmates’ is a High-Concept Anthology Series That Could Use a Little More Concept


The new AMC series has some great performances, but its what-if scenario gets old fast.

The Terror

The Devils in the Historical Details of ‘The Terror: Infamy’


We chat with ‘The Terror: Infamy’ actor Kai Bradbury about his character Nick Okada, what internment meant for mixed Japanese-Americans, and the show’s imperative commitment to authenticity.

Terror Ea Rt

‘The Terror: Infamy’ Review: The Specter of History Is Back with a Vengeance


‘The Terror’ returns with a damning indictment of one of North America’s more horrifying chapters.

Little Drummer Girl Pugh Skarsgard

‘The Little Drummer Girl’ Review: Park Chan-wook Brings His Signature Style to TV (LFF)


The ‘Oldboy’ director is a surprising choice to direct the latest John le Carré adaptation, but we think it works.

Bettercallsaul Season Bob Odenkirk Jimmy Mcgill X

What’s In Store for Season 4 of ‘Better Call Saul’


Can the show maintain its position as one of the best prequels ever made?

Dominic Cooper Jesse Custer Preacher

‘Preacher’ Season 3: A Wild But Slow Ride


‘Preacher’ returns high on insanity but low on energy.

Tv Guide

The Definitive Summer TV 2018 Survival Guide


Need a (TV) guide? We’re here to help.


AMC Orders ‘NOS4A2’ to Follow in the Footsteps of ‘The Walking Dead’


Joe Hill’s twisted take on the vampire mythology is rolling into production.

The Terror

‘The Terror’ is a Miserable 19th-Century Horrorshow (And I Loved It)


‘The Thing’ by way of ‘Master and Commander’ with a splash of ‘Alien’?  I’ll take ten.