Alfonso Cuaron

Y Tu Mamá También Nuevo Cine Mexicano

The Beginner’s Guide to Nuevo Cine Mexicano


Here’s everything you need to curate your own mini New Mexican Cinema retrospective.

Steven Spielberg business Netflix

Steven Spielberg Has A Long History of Opposing Streaming


Recent reports say the director intends to propose a ban on Netflix and other streaming platforms from Oscars contention, but at what cost?

Alfonso Cuaron Gravity

What’s Next for the 2019 Oscar Winners?


We look into the near future of this year’s winners.


The Cinematography of ‘Roma’


Alfonso Cuarón balances intimacy and grandeur in his most personal film to date.

Cold War

‘Cold War’ Might Be a Big Oscar Night Surprise


Will Cuaron make cinematography history with ‘Roma’? Or will ‘Cold War’ “steal” the award like it “stole” Bradley Cooper’s Oscar nom, which Cooper never had. Only in a fictive, predicted world in the mass social conscious.

Bohemian Rhapsody X

The Golden Globes Were Pretty Weird This Year


The good and the bad of the show that heavily honored ‘Green Book’ but also Alfonso Cuarón.

Alfonso Cuaron Gravity

Breaking Down Alfonso Cuarón’s Impeccable Cinematographic Vision


The ‘Roma’ director’s visual experimentation is one for the books.


‘Roma,’ ‘The Chambermaid,’ and the Subtle Differences of the Male and Female Lens


Even though one is getting all of the attention, both of these stories are worthy of inspection.

Red Helmet

Music of the Stars: The Best Space Movie Soundtracks


Music big enough to fill the void.