Alex Garland

Alex Garland Memory

The Trouble With Memory and Control in The Works of Alex Garland


In examining his filmography, there is no denying Alex Garland’s fixation on the illusion of control, as well as the many faces and dimensions of control. 

Devs ending

The Ending of ‘Devs’ Explained


It’s all about Eve’s plummet.

Annihilation Sci Fi

Making Something New: Tracing the Complex Brilliance of ‘Annihilation’


“We have many theories, few facts.” -Dr. Ventress

Decade Rewind Scifi

The 50 Best Sci-Fi and Fantasy Movies of the Decade


We’ve ranked the very best of speculative fiction films from the 2010s.

Annihilation Pic

Don’t Forget About ‘Annihilation’


Even without an Oscar nomination, these video essays remind us why we should keep Alex Garland’s ‘Annihilation’ alive in the conversation.

Alex Garland Directing Annihilation

Alex Garland Has Written a Family-Friendly Haunted House Movie


The writer and director of ‘Annihilation’ sadly won’t be at the helm, but it’s a very different outing for him nonetheless.

Annihilation Sci Fi

What My Experience With Cancer Helped Me Understand About ‘Annihilation’


A deeply personal story about the relentlessness of mutating cells and what Alex Garland’s Annihilation gets right about cancer.


Watch ‘Annihilation’ and ‘Mute,’ Then Watch These Movies


We recommend 12 movies to check out after you watch the new sci-fi films by Alex Garland and Duncan Jones.

Annihilation Diversity

‘Annihilation’ Review: We’re Into Hard Sci-Fi. Fantasy Is Bullshit.


With ‘Annihilation,’ filmmaker Alex Garland has created one of the most challenging science fiction films of the decade.