Mortal Engines

‘Mortal Engines’ is Primed to Be a Visual Feast Reminiscent of Peter Jackson’s Signature Style


Jackson handing over the directorial baton to his protege in the best possible way.

Fast Furious Legacy

The Legacy of ‘2 Fast 2 Furious’ 15 Years Later


Before A-list casts and international heists, this sequel began to shape the franchise into what it is now.

Jessica Chastain In Zero Dark Thirty

Women Deserve Their Own Original Action Franchises, and ‘355’ Answers the Call


Jessica Chastain isn’t waiting around for men’s sloppy seconds.  

Action Movies First Quarter

The Best Action Movies of 2018 So Far


Welcome to a quarterly review of the year’s best action movies of 2018 as of right this moment.

Pacific Rim Uprising Jaeger

Watch These Movies and Shows Before You See ‘Pacific Rim Uprising’


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Pain And Gain

Michael Bay’s ‘Pain & Gain’ is More Essential Than Ever


As it turns five, we look back at the smarter, more self-aware Michael Bay film that history may ultimately view as an essential look at today’s America.

Tomb Raider - Lara Croft

The New ‘Tomb Raider’ is Faster, Dumber, and More Fun


Alicia Vikander gets down and dirty in this modern re-telling of Lara Croft’s classic hero’s journey.

No Retreat, No Surrender

An Oral History of One of the 80s Most Underrated Action Movies


Cold War fever, the ghost of Bruce Lee, and the debut of JCVD. No Retreat, No Surrender is a special kind of action movie.


18 Great Vigilante Movies


“If the law won’t get them… we will!”