The Meg Shotbyshot

We Talk to ‘The Meg’ Director Jon Turteltaub About Making His Big Shark Movie


From being a Film School Reject to adapting Steve Alten’s long in development book, we talk filmmaking and giant sharks with Jon Turtletaub.

Die Hard

The 20 Movies That Are Basically ‘Die Hard’ By Another Name


For action cinema, the ‘Die Hard’ formula has been a gift that just keeps on giving.

Commentary Mission Impossible

25 Things We Learned from John Woo’s ‘Mission: Impossible II’ Commentary


“The scary thing was Tom wanted to do all the stunts by himself.”

Godzilla Trailer

‘Godzilla: King of the Monsters’ Trailer: He Brought Friends This Time


Kaiju including Mothra, Rodan, and King Ghidorah make their Comic-Con debut.

Mission Impossible Fallout X

‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout” Review: One of the Best Chapters of Hollywood’s Greatest Action Franchise


Tom Cruise continues to do what he does best: be a movie star in mind-blowing stunts.

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The Best Action Movies of 2018 So Far


These are the best action movies of 2018 — January through June.

Mortal Engines

‘Mortal Engines’ is Primed to Be a Visual Feast Reminiscent of Peter Jackson’s Signature Style


Jackson handing over the directorial baton to his protege in the best possible way.

Fast Furious Legacy

The Legacy of ‘2 Fast 2 Furious’ 15 Years Later


Before A-list casts and international heists, this sequel began to shape the franchise into what it is now.

Jessica Chastain In Zero Dark Thirty

Women Deserve Their Own Original Action Franchises, and ‘355’ Answers the Call


Jessica Chastain isn’t waiting around for men’s sloppy seconds.