31 Days of Horror Lists

31 Days of Horror Lists is a yearly celebration of two things we love very much here at FSR: horror movies and making lists.

Every October, a group of contributors who call themselves The Boo Crew take on the challenge of creating 31 fresh list prompts, releasing one every day of the month. The only rule: no repeats, ever.

Explore the 31 Days of Horror Archive Below

Best Dogs In Horror Movies

Who’s a Good Boy? They Are! The Top 10 Best Dogs of Horror


These are the horror pups that totally deserve a t-r-e-a-t.

Horror Films Directors Only Once

10 Best Horror Films From Directors Who Aren’t Known For the Genre


It’s always special to witness a director trying out horror for the first time — especially if it turns out to be the only time.

Best Masked Killers

10 Best and Most Unforgettable Masked Killers in Horror


Sometimes the mask is every bit as terrifying as the madness beneath.

High School Horror Movies

10 Most Unshakable High School Horror Movies


They do say high school is the best fears of your life.

Horror Threequels

10 Most Thrilling Horror Threequels


Not every one of these threequel classics is in 3-D, and that’s really a failing of society.

Horror High Rises

10 Horror Films in High-Rises That’ll Make You Break Your Lease


You’re really going to wish you could afford a mortgage after visiting these horrifying apartment buildings.

Scariest Horror Movies

10 Scariest Horror Movies of All Time (According To Fans)


Every horror buff has one film they think is /actually/ quite scary. Here’s our Boo Crew with ten.

Best Horror Movies Based On Books

10 Best Horror Movies That Are Based on Books


From page to screen, here are ten of the best horror adaptations of all time.

Best Troma Movies

10 Best Troma Entertainment Releases


Stuffy film fans look elsewhere, in this house we celebrate gold no matter who releases it.