31 Days of Horror Lists

31 Days of Horror Lists is a yearly celebration of two things we love very much here at FSR: horror movies and making lists.

Every October, a group of contributors who call themselves The Boo Crew take on the challenge of creating 31 fresh list prompts, releasing one every day of the month. The only rule: no repeats, ever.

Explore the 31 Days of Horror Archive Below

Horror Lists Eyeball

10 Most Eye Poppin’ Moments of Eyeball Horror


From gouging and scooping to plucking and popping, these scenes have always been about making your whole body cringe.

Horror Remakes

10 Best Horror Movie Remakes (and We Do Mean Remakes)


Remakes frequently upset people, but that’s silly because remakes can be great.

Kung Fu Horror Movies

10 Most Furious Kicks of Kung Fu Horror Cinema


No subgenre of cinema operates as wildly or weirdly as kung fu horror. We suggest ten films that best represent this unique realm.

Internet Horror Movies

10 Eeriest Internet-Centric Horror Movies


Log on and celebrate the best cyber scares.

Horror Ending Final Scares

10 Best Final Scares in Horror Movie History


Sometimes the best scares arrive just before the credits roll.

Bigfoot Horror

10 Most Ferociously Fun Bigfoot Horror Movies


Is Bigfoot real? Doubtful, and judging by some of the things he does in these movies that’s probably a good thing.

Canadian Horror

10 Best Canadian Horror Movies


Crack a beer and lean back in your Adirondack: here’s the best of the best when it comes to Canadian horror.

British Horror

10 Best British Horror Movies That Weren’t Produced by Hammer


From pagan cults to alien invasions — and even some cannibalism — these British horror movies are among the best the country has to offer.

Classic Horror

10 Classic Horror Movies for People Who Think They Hate Classic Horror Movies


You do know all your favorite horror movies were inspired by classics like these, right?