‘Tomorrow Night’ Trailer: Louis C.K.

By  · Published on January 7th, 2014

‘Tomorrow Night’ Trailer: Louis C.K. Releases His First Feature Film, Complete With Ice Cream Fetishism

Louis C.K. really, really loves to masturbate. The subject comes up all the time in his stand-up and in his TV series, Louie. Now it’s a central part of his first-ever feature film, Tomorrow Night. Well, at least it appears to be, judging from the trailer. The clip that follows is a jumble of disparate parts that don’t seem like they could ever fit together. We’ve got:

And of course, everything’s balanced around the central image of a man touching himself while sitting in an ice cream sundae.

A glance at the official synopsis, and things start to make a little more sense – the older woman and the frozen dessert aficionado are destined for a star-crossed romance, with all those other weirdos making up the two lovers’ friends and family. And considering it’s Louis CK behind the camera, this precise combination of weirdness was enough to gain admission to the Sundance Film Festival, where Tomorrow Night premiered back in 1998.

It’s a brand of crazy we’ll soon be able to (finally) experience for ourselves: Tomorrow Night will be available on Louis C.K.’s website next month, for the price of five big ones – the same release format as his last couple of stand-up specials. As bizarre as it all seems (and it does seem very, very bizarre), Tomorrow Night looks like required viewing for hardcore Louis C.K. fans and ice cream lovers alike.