This Rumor Is Exactly What the DC Movie Universe Needs

By  · Published on August 21st, 2015

Warner Bros.

What’s my problem with DC’s cinematic universe? Probably the same issue that many of you have with said slate of films. Not only has DC been behind Marvel in its building of a large, interesting shared universe, but it all takes itself far too seriously. Remember the stories about DC and Warner Bros. imposing a “no jokes” rule for its universe. That combined with the sometimes flat characters with which David Goyer and Zack Snyder chose to populate Man of Steel is enough to have me understandably weary. That’s not to say that movies like Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman won’t be good. They are just guaranteed not to be that much fun.

Which is why this new rumor about a fresh director possibly entering the DCCU has my attention in a big way. According to John Schnepp, the director of the documentary The Death of Superman Lives, there are rumblings that Mad Max: Fury Road director George Miller is being lined up to direct Man of Steel 2. Schnepp appeared on Popcorn Talk to say that Miller “is doing” a sequel to Man of Steel. Considering his proximity to Warner Bros. and DC, Schnepp is a fairly reliable source.

George Miller is a crazy person. Which means that even in the “no joke” dour-topia of the DCCU, he stands to make a movie that could be fun. He did, at one point, want to make a very wild Justice League movie that was eventually lost in development. The man has a passion for the characters and as we witnessed earlier this year with Fury Road, he’s still got enough madness to make a great action flick.

But there are several problems when we break this rumor down:

1. Mad Max. The first is that Warner Bros. already has George Miller lined up to direct another Mad Max movie, the second in a planned trilogy for Miller. And they’ve got Tom Hardy signed on for two more runs through the post-apocalyptic wastelands.

2. DC’s Cinematic Slate. The bigger question about a Man of Steel 2 isn’t who will direct it, but when it might actually happen. As much as I love the very fun idea of George Miller doing a Superman movie, where would the possibly put it? Let’s take a look at DC’s currently announced slate of movies:

Assuming they aren’t going to do any shuffling, that’s a full slate. Is everyone still going to be around to make Man of Steel 2 in 2021 or 2022? Will Warner Bros. and DC have enough fortitude and momentum to even take it that far, or will they be in the process of rebooting by then?

Time will tell for sure. But for now, Schnepp seems pretty confident in what he’s saying. See for yourself in the video below, at the 55:30 mark.

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