This Might Be the Visitor’s Center Dinosaurs Will Trash in ‘Jurassic World’

By  · Published on March 25th, 2014

Nathan Schroeder

Is this the new visitor’s center on Isla Nubar for Jurassic World? Potentially. These images have been floating around over the weekend, but their origin is unclear. Almost every site showing them off as genuine concept art attribute them to Nathan Schroeder, and a few even link to his site, but none of them link directly a page with the art. Plus, after clicking through his entire gallery, the images are nowhere to be found. Some posts claim the original page was taken down, but the best anyone can do is the old “I’ve got it on good authority” line.

I have a call out to Schroeder for confirmation, but for now let’s all take the images with a grain of salt. Not a trike-sized load or anything, but salt nonetheless.

The reason I’m posting them up is because 1) they look more than a bit like Schroeder’s regular work (on Star Trek Into Darkness, Captain America and others) and 2) if real, they represent an excellent direction for the production design.

Nathan Schroeder

It’s massive, and the idea of a massive Jurassic-themed park – a successful version of John Hammond’s vision – is an exciting one. If this is what Dino DNA hath wrought, it’s a fantastical vision with scope that should rival Disneyland. I mean, if you need a monorail to get around, there’s a solid chance that the amusement park has its own currency system.

Here’s where Colin Trevorrow’s involvement becomes crucial. There’s no doubt that the movie will go big as that’s the mandate of all potential blockbusters: more explosions, more chases, more CGI, more more. There’s a great potential for any kind of sense of story to be muddle in all of that (as we’ve seen repeatedly with other properties), so hopefully Trevorrow can maintain his knack for character development inside the six-figure machine.

The only real question is where they’ll be hanging the “When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth” banner.

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