This Concept Pitch Video Would Make a Great Opening to ‘Jurassic World’

By  · Published on September 12th, 2013

Jurassic Park IV is now officially Jurassic World (which I assume will be a movie version of all the books adapted at once), and it’s firmly nestled in the overcrowded bosom of 2015. It’s an ambitious title because it evokes a global terror that could be World War Z with dinosaurs, and that’s a hell of a promise to make to fans, but here’s one way to deliver right out the gate.

Per, Iain McCaig made this concept video for a videogame with the same name, but with the high-dollar CGI treatment, it could make for an excellent opening sequence to the new film.

It feels a little weird to say it, but this video does for the ocean what Jaws did for the ocean. But with Pterodactyls.

You thought they were taking the surfer back to the nest to feed to the pups, too, right?

Hopefully we can all learn to share the world with all the giant turkeys that want to eat us.

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