The Thirteen Snubbings of Cinematographer Roger Deakins

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By  · Published on October 17th, 2017

Maybe 14 is his lucky number.

There is no greater working director of photography than Roger Deakins. The man continues to set standards on each new project he works on, creating new and exciting displays of lighting and rigging technique that utilize and innovate with the field’s new tech. He’s so good, he’s been nominated for the Best Cinematography Oscar 13 times. He’s also never won.

This snub streak is more egregious than Leonardo DiCaprio’s was before finally being broken, and is unmatched by his peers. Deakins may have a shot at breaking this streak with Blade Runner 2049, but there’s no way of knowing which straw will eventually break the voting committee’s back. Likely, it will fall to one of his lesser works, as many of these “career” Oscars seem to.

In the meantime, Nelson Carvajal’s video essay, featured first by our friends over at, highlights all the amazing work Deakins SHOULD have won Oscars for.

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