The World of Kanako Trailer Teases a Brutal and Stylish Mystery

By  · Published on October 29th, 2015

Drafthouse Films

Director Tetsuya Nakashima has a view of the world as a dark and brutally cruel place, and he’s captured it in films like Memories of Matsuko and Confessions. His preference is to present humanity’s ugliness and emotional devastation through a lens of style, color, and pure artistry, and that trend continues with his latest film, The World of Kanako.

The story follows an ex-detective long ago separated from his family and demoted to traffic cop duty who discovers his daughter Kanako has gone missing. His quest to bring her home sees him traversing a trail of violence, drugs, and sex revealing the unspeakable acts people commit against others.

Drafthouse Films is releasing the film in limited release on December 4th, and here’s the first trailer.

Confessions was among my favorite films of 2010 as it tackled a difficult tale with dark mystery, mesmerizing style, and heavy emotion, and Nakashima’s latest looks to be attempting something similar. Kôji Yakusho (13 Assassins) immerses himself in the role of a man who uses violence to take what he wants – information, retribution, sex – and he challenges the empathy automatically afforded a man in his position of loss. It’s guaranteed to be an incredibly difficult watch for some viewers for various reasons, but thanks to Nakashima’s eye and budding ADD it’s most definitely never a dull one.

Drafthouse has also released their official poster.

The World of Kanako opens in limited release on December 4th, 2015.

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