The Women of ‘Sucker Punch’ Put On Their Lingerie for Dance Class and a Ton of New Pictures

By  · Published on March 14th, 2011

It’s unclear what sort of dance class these young women are attending, but the standard dress code seems to be whatever they can find at Frederick’s of Hollywood. Maybe it’s a stripper fitness thing.

What has been clear, especially from the trailers, is that Zack Snyder wanted to send his Sucker Punch actors out into the robot and dragon-infested wastelands wearing very, very little, and these pictures want to prove that there’s even less they can wear and no fetish they can’t tackle.

It’s enough to make Brad over at Rope of Silicon question the sheer amount of dirty old men that will be in the back of the theater opening night.

Two of the pictures in question can be seen below:

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However the real question is why this man is playing Clark Kent, but not playing Superman:

Seriously. Am I crazy here?

As for the sexuality and fetish fulfillment of the Sucker Punch costume choices, this is what happens when an industry casts 22-year-old actresses as both high school freshman and young executives. The age range may cause for some conflicting thoughts, but it’s not that serious. It’s just sex.

And, hopefully as promised, an ass-kicking.

Also, anyone who thinks this is chauvinistic clearly doesn’t realize how powerful Jon Hamm in suspenders can be to the right person.

Scott Glenn as a samurai? Not so much.

Either way, both sides are playing ball, and you can check out all of the pictures for yourself.

What say you?

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