The ‘V/H/S’ Filmmakers On Making Found Footage Horror Fun Again

By  · Published on August 30th, 2012

“Fangoria” as a gateway drug, YouTube fame leading to feature work, a magical 1998 Camry, the way porn plays with our minds, filming “Safety Second” style, and most of all trying to make found footage horror not feel like boring home movies.

The filmmakers behind V/H/S (which is available on iTunes and VOD today) wanted to increase the ratio of scares per minute by combining the new popular subgenre with a throwback anthology style. On this week’s podcast, we mirror that anthology style in order to talk with many of the minds behind the punk horror explosion.

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On This Week’s Anthology Show:

The Wrap Around Segment [The Beginning ‐ 6:10]: With violence in the news, do we really need horror as an escape? Producers Brad Miska and Roxanne Benjamin as well as director Adam Wingard and writer Simon Barrett explore disbelief suspension and a genuine outlet for real-world tension.

You Are Not the Only Predator [6:10–23:30]: David Bruckner on the sexual politics and pack mentality of his V/H/S installment.

The Slasher Silhouette [23:30–37:00]: Glenn McQuaid discusses tackling a subgenre and a filming style he’s never done before and invites us to go camping.

Crowded Haunted House [37:00–60:00]: Radio Silence explains the freedom to be stupid on Halloween.

Podcast #56 [60:00 ‐ The End]: Here’s hoping you haven’t thrown up yet.

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