‘The Upper Footage’ Trailer Pushes a Mysterious Drug Overdose Reality

By  · Published on November 20th, 2013

‘The Upper Footage’ Trailer Pushes a Mysterious Drug Overdose Reality

The official story from the team releasing The Upper Footage is that a young woman named Jakie Spearo overdosed while a crew of well-to-do NYC professional party-goers laughed and did nothing (besides filming it). After a maze of blackmail and a cover-up, the person in control of the footage has edited it down from 6 hours to its current incarnation and is releasing it in order to bring attention to the tragedy as well as the power of the wealthy to make their legal problems disappear.

And that’s only about 1/4th of the backstory. The clear, full picture is online, but for those who want to remain befuddled in anticipation of seeing the movie, there’s always the recently released trailer which offers an opaque view.

My fear is that the narrative surrounding the film, while also being undoubtedly crucial to selling it, will overshadow the potential of the story to be thought-provoking. Of course, the other fear is that the movie itself won’t be worth the intrigue.

It’s being released online at Midnight on November 21st, so we can see for ourselves then.

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