The Twilight Addiction Gets Out of Hand – Riot Style

If you’re planning to have a star from Twilight make a publicity appearance, either plan for a multitude of thousands or plan for violence when you cancel.
By  · Published on November 11th, 2008

It’s unclear to me as to whether Twilight fans are having difficulty proving that their not completely insane or whether they are doing an incredible job of proving that 14-year old girls can kick ass with the rest of them.

With the desperation of right-wingers at the hands of a liberal President-elect and the devastation of Prop 8 passing in California to re-take-away the marriage right for same-sex couples, it makes sense that the first riot we’ve seen was…for a Twilight publicity signing.

According to Slashfilm, a bit of violence broke out in San Francisco after 3,000 fans lined up starting in the morning at the mall where Rob Pattinson was supposed to have a signing. Since the police and PR wizards expected 500 people there – seriously – the signing was canceled, and the ensuing out of control tweens and moms trampled a few of their brethren and even broke a girl’s nose.

It’s easy to assume that the cancellation caused much of the rage-riot, but I assume there was a massive argument between Team Edward and Team Jacob that got out of hand when a seventh grader broke a bottle of Yoohoo across the forehead of a Twi-mom and threatened to cut anyone who thought Jacob was an overly aggressive, near-date-rapist. Which he is.

Was there looting? Tear Gas? Slashfilm has a link to the TMZ video of the riot so you can see for yourself.

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