‘The Thing’ Writer Reaches His ‘Final Destination’

By  · Published on April 26th, 2010

I’ve finally realized the true danger of the remake trend that’s dominated the past decade. Beyond the slight annoyance of having to put years after film titles, the graver problem is that news stories will become horribly convoluted.

For example, based on the headline, a true movie geek might believe that The Thing writer Bill Lancaster was working again and writing another installment of the Final Destination series. Those movie geeks would be shocked and confused that Lancaster had come back to life to do so considering he unfortunately passed away over a decade ago.

But since there’s (not technically) a remake of The Thing (which is actually a prequel, but still called the same Thing), we’ll now have to bend over backward to inform you, dear reader, that currently living writer Eric Heisserer is taking on the task.

According to Heat Vision Blog, New Line chose to continue the franchise despite a terrible last entry because of strong box office returns in comparison to the relatively low budget.

There’s not much opinion to give here, but there will be plenty after next week when we get to see Heisserer’s first feature length gig as a writer – A Nightmare on Elm Street – released.

In other news, Bill Lancaster is still in the same position he’s been in since rolling over in his grave for the announcement of that Bad News Bears remake.

What do you think?

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