‘The Thing’ Shows Off Its Monster In Red-Band Form

By  · Published on September 19th, 2011

It’s unclear why this is a red-band trailer. Maybe because it’s adequately startling? Or a bit gruesome without splattering blood everywhere? Or maybe because no one curses or gets naked?

Either way, even though The Thing is a remake prequel with the same name as its originator featuring roughly the same plot, the strength of this piece of marketing is the fabulous creature design done as a group effort by Amalgamated Dynamics, The Aaron Sims Company and several others. From the design to the execution, it looks appropriately slimy and scary.

Check it out for yourself, and watch out for that co-worker with the eye twitch.

It’s good to see Mary Elizabeth Winstead handling the starring role with some screaming skill, but this still all feels like a retread that won’t admit it’s a retread. The flamethrower nod was awesome, but there has yet to be a single thing that delineates this from the original remake – especially considering that all of The Things were modeled after a short story that was pliable enough to expand and fool around with.

All of this raises the question – what if they’d never mentioned the Norwegian base in John Carpenter’s version?

What say you?

Source: IGN

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