The Spirit of Furiosa Lives On With Cassius and Clay

By  · Published on August 11th, 2015

FX Networks

After Mad Max: Fury Road dropped into this summer and immediately took up real estate in our collective hearts, it’s safe to say that audiences were pretty jazzed about post-apocalyptic badasses of the female gender. That’s all thanks to Charlize Theron’s insanely good performance and George Millers simply insane movie. One might go as far as to hope that badass ladies would be the order of the day in Hollywood. And while that hasn’t quite happened yet (we’re still waiting for Marvel to kickstart that Captain Marvel movie), this did happen…

FXX has ordered ten episodes of Cassius and Clay, an animated series from Archer creator Adam Reed and Modern Family and Community writer Megan Ganz. The story follows two bandits, Cassius (voiced by Kaitlin Olson) and Clay (voiced by Lake Bell), who are trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic version of the American South.

It’s got some Mad Max DNA with the added bonus of humor at the expense of the American South. This could be the most brilliant concept of the year.

The show will debut in 2016 on FXX and be paired with Archer, which is entering its seventh season and is switching channels from FX to FXX.

“Tearing through the Smoky Mountains, Cassius and Clay don’t just survive the end of the world – they thrive on it with a pack of misfits who persevere against all odds in this Southern-fried apocalypse,” said C0-President of FX Networks programming Nick Grad. “Our thanks to Adam and Megan for creating this hilarious and twisted tale and to Kaitlin, Lake, Susan and the rest of the voice cast for bringing these characters to life in all their damaged glory.”

To round out the voice cast, FXX has pulled together a cast of heavyweights, as seen below:

Cassius Cordwood (Kaitlin Olson): A hard-drinking, quick-thinking, fast-talking bull-shitter who has more debts than sense.

Shopcarter Clay (Lake Bell): The fastest gun in the post-apocalyptic South – she doesn’t go looking for trouble, she shares a station wagon with it.

Connie Mack (Susan Sarandon): The ruthless and cutthroat owner of Wilke’s only saloon and brothel. Mack runs the booze, the girls, the whole goddamn town, really.

Doc Benz (JB Smoove): The town’s only doctor, locked in a dysfunctional, co-dependent relationship with Smiffy (who carts the Doc’s ornery, legless ass around).

Smiffy (Kevin Michael Richardson): The enormous blacksmith, a gentle giant who can fix anything so long as Doc says it’s okay.

Mayor Waitstill Weeks (Jeffrey Tambor): The utterly powerless and disregarded mayor of Wilke, who’s barely in charge of his own newspaper, which only he reads.

Jack Ruby (Katy Mixon): Head-whore of The Snug, Connie Mack’s number two and the Mayor’s number one.

Reever Grint (Robert Patrick): The terrifying tax-collector from Richway, the crookedest of all the crooked sheriffs.

Odum (Stephen Root): The ever-scheming deputy who’s always under Grint’s bootheel, which is really the best place for such a greasy lickspittle.

Admit it, this is everything you’ve wanted since you walked out of Fury Road in May. I know that’s true for me, too.

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