‘The Secret In Their Eyes’ Gets A Remake Courtesy Of Billy Ray And WB

By  · Published on October 7th, 2010

And with this news, Jeff Hall has just died a little inside…

The Secret In Their Eyes is an Argentinian thriller featuring a retired prosecutor writing a novel about a difficult case from two decades ago. It’s a smart, romantic, and exciting film anchored with a stellar performance by Ricardo Darin, a killer ending, and one hell of a tracking shot. It won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film last year beating out higher profile movies like The White Ribbon and A Prophet… and now it’s getting the inevitable Hollywood remake.

Per Deadline North Pole, Billy Ray has been tapped by Warner Bros. to both write and direct a remake of the film. Ray is much in demand as a writer and can be credited with past winners like Color Of Night, Volcano, and Suspect Zero. His upcoming slate includes the Westworld remake, a feature version of Fox’s 24, and an adaptation of the young adult series, The Hunger Games for director Gary Ross. He’s only had two previous directing gigs, Shattered Glass and Breach, and while neither film was great or terrible one of them did suffer greatly from its leading man.

Aside from the fact that Hollywood should stop remaking great foreign films and start making their own great movies, what do you think of Billy Ray’s involvement here? Does it bode well or is it doomed to star Hayden Christensen and Bruce Willis’ penis…

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