‘The Quiet Ones’ Trailer: Smart People Make Dumb Decisions Regarding Ghosts

By  · Published on October 31st, 2013

The worst part about any horror film is the caveat “based on true events.” Because…how much is based on true events? Are there spooky, spooky ghosts everywhere that we need to be worried about? Or in the case of The Quiet Ones, is this a terrible campus legend that has been passed down since the 1970’s and has gotten out of control for our viewing pleasure?

Regardless, John Pogue’s film is based on the story of the world’s worst professor (Jared Harris, Mad Men), a man who decides to use his brightest pupils in an experiment to conjur up spirits. Has he ever cracked open a book about the paranormal or you know, lived in the world? Rule number one for being a smart person: don’t mess with the dead because you’ll get Paranormal Activity’d.

Obviously, when the experiment works and the whole class is being followed around by homicidal poltergeists, they realize they’re in over their heads and (I’m guessing here) must figure out a way to contain the madness before it consumes them. The trailer is full of the usual haunted house and poltergeist-type tropes: beautiful, dark buildings with heavy creaking doors (that open themselves), grainy slide footage of old-timey children (they’re dead now), a grown woman holding a baby doll and shadowy figures that pass in front of the camera.

They did it! They made a spirit! Check out the trailer here:

The Quiet Ones is in theaters April 11, 2014.