‘The Purge’ Isn’t Over Yet, ‘Man of Steel 2’ Takes Flight, And More News of the Day

By  · Published on June 11th, 2013

Too busy trying to get over the season finale of Game of Thrones and rearranging your Mad Men conspiracy theories and, damn, you just missed all the hot news jams fresh out of Hollywood? Not to worry, we’ve rounded up everything you may have missed and packed it up into a fun little gift box we call our afternoon Biz Break.

The Purge is getting a sequel! Duh! The Blumhouse horror joing made a ton of money at the box office this weekend, so it’s not shocking in the least that producer Jason Blum has tweeted the news that a sequel is in development with Universal.

Man of Steel is also getting a sequel, and before the first film even soars into theaters. Zach Snyder and David S. Goyer will return for the film, which has been “fast-tracked” over at Warner Bros.

The scribe behind that 50 Shades of Grey script is taking a dip with a new Little Mermaid. Kelly Marcel will reportedly rewrite the script for Joe Wright, a fresh take on the Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale (the sad one, the really, really sad one).

The Dumb and Dumber sequel is dead, long live the Dumb and Dumber sequel. Warner Bros. is apparently not hungry for the sequel du jour, so the brothers Farrelly will take it to other studios. Also, this film involves a kidney transplant? Hilarious?

Game of Thrones might have to ditch that one book/one season plan. In fact, they have already. Sounds good to us.

GIFs! Glorious movie GIFs you have probably never seen before! Start outfitting your Tumblr with these new gems ASAP.

Finally, if you’ve forgotten just who J.J. Abrams is and how he operates, there is a bonkers rumor that this is a casting call list for the upcoming Star Wars film the details characters and storylines. Sure. Hello, magic box? Anyway, we’d also like to think that the team behind the film knows that “Jedi’s” is the possessive form of “Jedi,” not the plural, but whatever. Don’t look if you don’t want to be spoiled by something that, frankly, we’ll call bullshit on right now.