The Morning Read: Writing Rape Scenes, Influential Flicks and Villains Who Get Caught

By  · Published on August 21st, 2013

The morning’s best writing from around the movie website-o-sphere.

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“Let’s talk about rape scenes” – Kick-Ass 2, Mark Millar’s comments and women in refrigerators prompt The Bitter Script Reader to produce a barn burner of a rant against writers who don’t grasp the trauma they’re creating for a character (especially when they use it as a hollow excuse to outrage a hero). A bonus question: are you really “pushing boundaries” by doing something that’s been done plenty before?

“Interrogating Terror: The Movie Glass Prison’s Post-9/11 Popularity” – One of the few times I’ll include an FSR link in this roster, this excellent exploration of the mirror created by placing heroes and villains on opposite sides of glass prisons comes from guest writer and PhD candidate Margaret Rossman.

“10 Influential Movies (Where Everyone Copied the Wrong Thing)” – It’s not really surprising when copycats emerge, created by producers who don’t understand the true appeal of something insanely popular. “Star Wars is a hit! People must love hairy sidekicks!” As such, Charlie Jane Anders at io9 slaps her forehead through this list of missed opportunities.

“Horror Trivia Goes For Deep Cuts” – Brian Collins connects with community and competition in this profile of the Dead Right trivia contest.

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