The Morning Read: One Screen Genius, Viral Problems and a Super Madman’s Diary

By  · Published on November 25th, 2013

The best movie culture writing from around the internet-o-sphere.

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“Why Disney’s Frozen Debuted Today on a Single Screen” – Scott Mendelson at Forbes breaks down The Mouse’s antique recipe for success and why their newest movie is out without you knowing.

“Viral Journalism and the Valley of Ambiguity” – Annalee Newitz at io9 shares a giant drawback to our sharing culture. Something to think about (really think about) the next time you pass along that sweet new mash-up.

“John Landis Rails Against Studios: ‘They’re Not in the Movie Business Anymore’” – The filmmaker accuses the big six of making a different product entirely.

“How a Universe Full of Superheroes Totally Ruined My Life” – Drew McWeeny at HitFix goes Lu Xun on us to share this dire message from a man who has been involved in almost every superhero origin out there.

“Ask a grown-up: why do all films have to have a baddie?” – Another fine entry from The Guardian’s series, the brilliant Ken Loach answers a 10 year old’s question by getting politically philosophical.

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