Shot By Shot With ‘The Mandalorian’ Trailer

Get ready to return to the galaxy far, far away with this upcoming show about a mysterious bounty hunter.
By  · Published on August 25th, 2019

To build hype for the arrival of Disney+, Lucasfilm has released the first trailer for The Mandalorian, the first ever live-action Star Wars TV series. The trailer doesn’t reveal much about the story, but there’s enough awesome footage on display to get us excited for the show.

Created by Jon Favreau and starring Pedro Pascal as the title character, the story takes place after Return of the Jedi. The saga follows a bounty hunter who roams around the galaxy getting into all sorts of trouble. Expect to see plenty of war-torn planets and a polarizing climate in a galaxy that’s still burdened with an uncertain future.

On top of that, as it should be with all stories about bounty hunters, the influence of old school Westerns and samurai movies is evident. If the show lives up to its fun potential, we might see one of the best entries to the Star Wars franchise to date. Who needs Boba Fett when we have this antihero to grace our screens?

Check out the trailer below, then join me afterward to break it all down.

Red Dots



The trailer opens on a planet ravaged by war following the fall of the Empire. Clearly, the occupants of this terrain aren’t the biggest Stormtrooper fans, as they display their helmets on pikes to warn possible supporters of the Empire not to mess with them.


We then cut to the titular bounty hunter’s ship, the Razorcrest, flying over a scenic planet. Chances are he’s visiting this planet to collect some bounties.


In this scene, the Mandalorian lands in a town that appears to have been destroyed by war. Like the opening shot depicting the Stormtroopers’ helmets, this shot further establishes a world that’s dealing with the consequences of the conflict between the Empire and the Rebel Alliance.


Say hello to Carl Weathers as Greef Carga, a character who appears to be an ally of the Mandalorian.


If shots like this are anything to go by, we can expect the cinematography from this show to be celebrated on the One Perfect Shot Twitter account. Some of the best aspects of the Star Wars franchise are the moments when viewers get to bask in the wonder of the galaxy. This is one of those moments.


The Mandalorian, clad in his armor, prepares to exit his ship. His purpose for stepping outside remains to be seen.

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