‘The Lone Ranger’ Trailer #2: High Stakes on a Train

By  · Published on December 11th, 2012

I can’t get over Johnny Depp doing the whole “Kemosabe” schtick as Tonto. Can’t do it. Maybe with time, it’ll get easier, but it makes almost zero sense that amid a sea of modernized remakes and adaptations, Gore Verbinski and Disney would hold tight to a stereotypical trapping from a different era that didn’t seem to know any better. Why deconstruct Wonderland behind Burton but keep the “Me Wantum Wampum” accent on a character that no one under 60 gives a damn about? It’s a small detail, probably. It just seems extra ridiculous.

At any rate, they’ve released a new trailer with a few more scenes, and it’s hard to deny that this thing looks fantastic – employing the kind of lush detail and slow-motion destruction that we’ve come to expect alongside the added bonus of top hats and petty coats.

Check it out for yourself:

The Lone Ranger opens July 3, 2013.

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