The ‘Life of Pi’ Doesn’t Need Any Coldplay, But This International Trailer Has It Anyway

By  · Published on September 22nd, 2012

The international trailer for Ang Lee’s Life of Pi features none other than Sigur Rós and Coldplay. When those two bands are used, you know a trailer is really trying to tell you how hopeful, sweet, and inspiring their movie is. Our earlier looks at Lee’s film showed the visuals alone can do the moving bit, so throwing Coldplay and Sigur Rós into the mix isn’t at all needed. But God damn if those two schmaltz groups don’t help pull the heart strings Lee is aiming for even more.

See how CG animals and Coldplay mix together after the jump:

I’ll be seeing the Life of Pi next week at the New York Film Festival, and it remains the greatest mystery of the festival and the year. Even as someone who has the utmost faith in Ang Lee, Life of Pi is a story that could go either way. There’s no denying the movie looks gorgeous, but will it be too cloying? How long can we tolerate seeing a boy and a CG tiger hangout all by themselves? Those are some big challenges with this material, and you can read my review next week to find out if Lee overcame them.

Life of Pi opens in theaters on November 21st. [via The Film Stage]

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