‘The Letter’ Feels Your Health Care Burdens — With a Vengeance

By  · Published on March 28th, 2017

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Sometimes you just stumble across a short film that seems like kismet, if you’re me at least, and The Letter by writers-directors-editors the Moser Brothers is one such of these films. It involves a hitman (Christopher Mur) who gets sick, but when he goes for a little healing, he discovers that his insurance company has denied his claim. For you and me this would be a nightmare of red tape, legal-ese, and bureaucratic headaches. But our hero isn’t you or me, he’s a highly-trained, super-efficient killer for hire, so he reacts, well, a little differently to the news.

This was a test film of sorts for the Mosers and their Canon 7d camera – which makes the film look great, btw, so crisp while emphasizing darker chromatic tones— and though it was made seven years ago, long before our current health care kerfuffle, it feels more relevant today than perhaps ever. And yeah, it’s a tongue-in-cheek scenario, but the humor is kept taut and muted, making The Letter a dark comedic delight.

So whatever frustrations, anger, or burning hatred you have towards the state of American healthcare, vent them in the fun and satisfying three minutes that is The Letter.

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