‘The Invisible Woman’ Trailer: Haunting Romance with a Disappointingly Non-Invisible Woman

By  · Published on October 7th, 2013

Celebrity seems to be the same no matter what century we’re in. Be you Charles Dickens, Elvis Presley, or Miley Cyrus, you’ll be mobbed by regular folk just wanting to say “hi” or to shake your hand or to steal a lock of your hair for some secret voodoo shrine. The opening moments of The Invisible Woman’s trailer sum this up neatly – Dickens may have died over 140 years ago, but even he lived his life almost entirely in the public eye.

Yet from there, The Invisible Woman seems to follow a pretty standard course. Boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, boy risks his life and reputation for girl, boy slowly spirals into madness to the sound of foreboding classical music. Title cards proclaiming “He was the greatest writer in the world,” and “His greatest story was the one he could never tell” aren’t winning any novelty points anytime soon. But judging by the strength of Ralph Fiennes as an actor (and now, director) and considering that The Invisible Woman will likely see Fiennes reciting a whole lot of Dickens in fancy Shakespearean tones, expect to be wowed (or at least suitably entertained) by The Invisible Woman.

The one drawback? No actual invisible women. That’s flagrant false advertising. Go ahead and watch the trailer below:

The Invisible Woman opens on February 7, 2014.