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The Horror Parodies of ‘Key & Peele’

These guys know and love the scary movie genre.
Key And Peele Horror Skits
By  · Published on February 21st, 2017

This week, Jordan Peele, best known for the sketch comedy show Key & Peele, delivers his directorial debut, Get Out. It’s a horror comedy with social commentary inspired by Night of the Living Dead and The Stepford Wives, and it’s done with a a clear familiarity and fondness for the scary movie genre.

Peele and his sketch show partner, Keegan-Michael Key, have shown an affinity for horror cinema before, on Key & Peele and elsewhere, so in honor of the new movie, here’s a highlight of all those bits going back five years.

“Movie Hecklers”

While it’s not certain the movie being watched in this early season one sketch is horror, there are clues that indicate this to be the case. Key and Peele play movie theater hecklers and for a second seem to be yelling at a scary movie character on screen doing something dumb, but it turns out they’re really just well-versed in cinema studies and are heckling the filmmaking. As a movie geek, it’s still probably my favorite K&P sketch.

“Zombie Attack”

When the zombie apocalypse happens, things are going to be so chaotic that you might just kill a friend by mistake, though probably not for a reason as dumb as is presented in this season one sketch:

“White Zombies”

When is racism a good thing? When it keeps you from being bitten by one of the living dead during the zombie apocalypse. Here’s some of the racial comedy Key and Peele do best from the season two Halloween episode:

“Horror Movies”

Key and Peele acknowledge their love for horror movies and their amusement with certain members of midnight movie audiences in a brief, borderline racist piece of stand-up during one of their in-studio segments from the same episode.

[Video Deleted]


What starts out looking like the kind of parody of The Exorcist we already saw decades ago with Richard Pryor on Saturday Night Live goes in a very wrong direction:

“Roommate Meeting”

What We Do in the Shadows perfected the horror-themed roommates shtick for an entire feature, but the below sketch from the season three Halloween episode beat those guys to the punch in shorter form and with a spoof of the Asian ghost subgenre.

“Sexy Vampires”

In the same episode, Key and Peele also go further into what would be What We Do in the Shadows territory for a spoof of the overtly sexual nature and extreme goth-ness of cliche vampires:

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