The Future for ‘Zorro’ Is Post-Apocalyptic

By  · Published on April 27th, 2011

What do you call it when you take a character and remove him from the environment that made him who he is? The new Zorro Reborn project. Set to be directed by pre-viz artist Rpin Suwannath, this new story would take Zorro away from the desert of the southwest during a time where phones and clean water don’t exist and place him in a post-apocalyptic future desert during a time where phones and clean water don’t exist.

Zorro will just never get to know the pleasure of watching Golden Girls in an air conditioned room.

I’m no purist, but taking a character from the environment that made him is always a dangerous prospect. Then again, that very type of What If? game gave the world “Superman: Red Son” so it can’t be all bad. On the plus side, it might be thrilling to see a masked desperado taking on the likes of irradiated mutants, starving madmen and selfish hoarders in a barren wasteland.

On the other, the success of Batman Begins seems to have locked in our fate for reboots of this bleak kind. It’s our fate to see characters thrown into far darker circumstances than we remember them in. On that note, be on the lookout for the announcement that Howdy Doody will soon be rebooted as a vampire hunter stalking the noir-ish streets of 1920s Chicago. [24 Frames]

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