‘The Evil Dead’ Remake Lands a Divisive Diablo Cody

By  · Published on July 14th, 2011

‘The Evil Dead’ Remake Lands a Divisive Diablo Cody

After years and years of talk about a fourth film or a remake treatment for The Evil Dead, Raimi and the brass have finally gone with the latter route. While I know some of you cringe at the idea of this remake, like at most of the “who cares?” weekly remake announcements, I’m sure the news of Diablo Cody reworking the script has made all of you go from cringing to sharpening your pitchforks.

Not a surprise.

A lot of people, a few with possibly sexist seeming or goofy reasons, really hate Cody. This isn’t news, we all know this to be a fact. Most of the venom thrown the writer’s way isn’t all that justifiable. Cody is one of the rare storytellers with her own voice, and how many of those types do we see successfully working today?

Not enough to outweigh the countless number of journeyman writers with no distinctness whatsoever.

The idea of Cody working on the script isn’t all that shocking. Remember her barely seen, slightly panned, and better than it’s given credit for horror-comedy Jennifer’s Body? It had a very blatant Evil Dead reference, so she’s obviously a fan.

Lets hope both Cody and yesterday’s announced director, Fede Alvarez, make more than just a retread full of lame homages.

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