‘The English Teacher’ Trailer: Julianne Moore Has a Ponytail, Glasses, and a Student Affair

By  · Published on April 3rd, 2013

This much is obvious about Craig Zisk’s The English Teacher: Julianne Moore’s eponymous character is somehow sexually repressed because she’s sporting both a ponytail and ugly glasses. Horrors! Someone give that woman a makeover, stat!

The romantic comedy stars Moore as a never-married high school English teacher whose entire world is thrown into a tailspin when a former student (Michael Angarano) pops back into her life with a brilliant play that she’s convinced her relatively staid high school will put on. They won’t, but you know what will get put on? Julianne Moore on Michael Angarano! Oh, yeah! Not messy enough? Well, it looks like Moore also takes a shine to his dad, played by Greg Kinnear. Will it all turn out for the best? Of course it will.

Hey, at least there’s potential for Nathan Lane to have a nervous breakdown. Check out the trailer for The English Trailer after the break.

The English Teacher opens on May 17th. [Apple]