‘The Bling Ring’ Trailer is a Huge Learning Lesson for Emma Watson

By  · Published on April 24th, 2013

Bling Ring Trailer

There are a ton of great things in this full Bling Ring trailer, but Emma Watson is the absolute best. It’s very likely that her character’s conversation with the press that’s featured here could be the highlight of the entire movie. Otherwise, she just looks and sounds fantastic with her affected Valley Girl drawl and angsty airheadedness.

Seriously, though. She might want to run a country someday.

In the movie, she and her friends get the idea to rob from the rich and famous by paying attention to when they’re own publicity machines have them making high-profile appearances. They get caught, but they get a few high heels out of the deal. Check out the trailer for Sofia Coppola’s latest for yourself:

Perfect line delivery, yes, but if there’s anything that more directly encapsulate’s our current vision of vacuous, celebrity-chasing youth, I don’t know what it is. Here’s a character who believes wholly that she can mess up royally in her youth and still go on to reach the highest civic office in the land. Funny thing is, she’s probably right. She aspires to nothing beyond emulating Paris Hilton, but also wants to be President? Genius.

Of course, if __________ can do it, maybe so can she.

I’ll just leave that blank so you can fill it in with the politician of your choice. We’re all about interactivity here.

The Bling Ring is in theaters May 16th.

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