The B-Roll: Dredding 3D and the Monsterpocalypse

By  · Published on May 12th, 2010

We here at Film School Rejects understand that you don’t always need juicy stories, meaty editorials or metaphors about food. Consider The B-Roll your daily recommended allowance of random movie stuff, stories that fell through the cracks, and news you can’t use.

Denis Leary gets his own Podcast. [Huffington Post]

What can Robin Hood possibly be spending $237 million on? Muffin Basket Artists. [Movieline]

Judge Dredd will be in 3D just like everything else. [Aint It Cool]

John Gholson has found Andy Kaufman, and he’s still dead, but he has a Twitter account. [Cinematical]

Tim Burton is getting his kaiju on by playing Monsterpocalypse. [Bloody Disgusting]

Colin Ferrell and Marion Cotillard join hands while David Cronenberg teaches them A Dangerous Method. [CHUD]

What Have The Movies Taught You? [Cinematical]

You’re still shaking your head about that Three Musketeers casting, too, eh? [Us Weekly]

Apparently, people are still asking whether gay men can play straight men on stage and screen. [CNN]

Starship Troopers is on Hulu right now. [Hulu]

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