‘The Avengers’ Trailer Rocks Even As It Relies Heavily On Robert Downey Jr.’s Charm

By  · Published on October 11th, 2011

It’s not quite hyperbole to say the The Avengers is the most eagerly anticipated film of 2012. The ensemble superhero film features several characters who have already proven themselves in their own movies (Iron Man, Captain America, Thor) as well as a few who haven’t (Hawkeye, Black Widow), but the idea of bringing them all together into one adventure has been a dream of Marvel’s and the fans for quite some time. And now it’s almost here.

We’ve seen some images and a very brief teaser, but Marvel and Paramount have released the first real trailer this morning. It’s still teaserish at only two minutes, but it offers up a good idea of what we can expect from director Joss Whedon’s upcoming blockbuster.

Check it out below.


It’s definitely… okay.

It’s missing anything in the way of a real money shot (unless you count Scarlett Johansson), but it’s still nine months away so expect that in the next trailer. For now we get some bad rock music over a series of hero glamour shots and slow-mo action, and as stated above it seems to rely a bit too much on Robert Downey Jr.’s charm and charisma. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it makes the others look so incredibly flat and serious by comparison. (Except for Mark Ruffalo who just looks bad.)

But Tom Hiddleston plays a terrific villain, the street explosions look suitably massive, and Chris Evans is still dreamy. What more could we ask for? Seriously. It’s a teaser in trailer clothing, and at this point we’re still pretty excited for it. How about you?

The Avengers opens May 4th, 2012.

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