‘The Amazing Spider-Man’: The Clearest Look at The Lizard Yet

By  · Published on May 3rd, 2012

It’s funny how desperate the anticipation for a movie can make some people. Months ago, when blurry images of plastic toy prototypes leaked onto the internet, some went nutty trying to find them and then trash them for looking ridiculous. Those toys were from any comic book movie ever, but the latest were from The Amazing Spider-Man and featured a very naked Lizard in all his glory.

Now, Apple has some better pictures to look at.

They feature the Lizard having to choke a bitch and holding a very family camera. Not at the same time, though. It’s two different pictures. Check them out for yourself:

Both get bigger when you click ‘em.

It’s nearly impossible to judge the look of a still photograph in regards to how a character design works in a movie. Sometimes costumes or CGI can look cheap and silly while in the moving context of the film, everything can come out looking brilliant.

The real question is: who uses a label maker anymore?

Marc Webb’s forthcoming flick is just one vying for super hero movie supremacy this summer. It will also be a grand test in whether audiences buy a familiar character being rebooted in real time.

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