The 6 Best Things From Comic-Con Day Three

By  · Published on July 25th, 2011

On the final big movie day for Comic-Con, Cole, Robert and Jack had their sanity tested and almost passed. Proof of this came at the end of the night when all three ended up delirious in a fancy hotel room watching the Resident Evil movies. What on earth could cause anyone to watch those movies? Exactly.

This year’s Con was subdued in a great way. The movie content suffered because of it (in terms of blockbusters and big moments) but it also triumphed because smaller films were able to have their day in the sun.

Day One was full of great toys and strange Twilight moments, Day Two had R-rated pizza guys and a Spielbergian explosion, so what did Day Three have in store?

What Immortals Could Have Been Like

Before the roundtables for Immortals, I was under the impression that Mickey Rourke was going to be there. I felt both nervous and excited about the possibilities of his presence. To no great surprise, he was a no-show. It was disappointing, since Tarsem told me about how much of a madman he is, so seeing him interact with thousands feeble nerds would’ve been must-see entertainment. With no Rourke around to study, I began daydreaming about what it’d be like if he actually did attend. Realistically speaking, it would’ve been like Falling Down, but with Rourke taking down costumed nerds with his gigantic knife from Immortals. -JG

Captain America Shows Off His Avengers Uniform

Hopefully by now you’ve checked out Captain America: The First Avenger and found it to be a cool flick. If you were then at SDCC, you probably swung by the Marvel booth to get a look at the new Captain America suit he’ll be wearing in The Avengers. It’s awesome. A good mixture of comic classicness and real life functionality. But don’t take my word, take a look. -RF

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Walking Dead on Wheels

Advertising plays a huge part down here this time of year and not in a bad way: this shit is cool. Take for example The Walking Dead semi-truck and trailer. I love the comic but don’t care for the show much, but this thing was still sweet. Painted on it was some standard zombie stuff, but hanging out from underneath the doors and trailer gate were body parts and dripping blood. Awesome. It drove back and forth on the main road infront if the convention center a few times a day. -RF

Coppola Confuses 6,000 Edgar Allan Poes

It was either an experimental dress rehearsal or a complete shit show depending on who you talk to, but Francis Ford Coppola showed up ready to make a scene with TWIXT. It started when we were all handed 3D glasses in the form of Edgar Allan Poe masks, and it didn’t end until we’d heard Coppola and Val Kilmer chanting “Nos-fer-atu” to a trance-like rhythmic beat. What we saw in there was chilling, but what Coppola might have up his sleeve for live film events might be something to celebrate. -CA

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Nic Cage vs Batman vs Predator

Talking to Nic Cage was a blast. When he talks, you not only listen, you shutout every surrounding noise. Cage is truly unlike any other actor working today, both on-screen and off. The actor – someone I won’t label as eccentric, just overwhelmingly thoughtful – thinks outside the box. All of the nuts and bolts of a performance he seems to nail down. When it comes to a role like Ghost Rider/Johnny Blaze he delves into details that make you think, “Who thinks like this?” Cage does, and he also discussed what the battle between Batman versus Predator was like. -JG

Kellan Lutz: God Of Wetness

The Immortals panel was about as dull as they come. Future Superman Henry Cavill answered every question shortly, dryly and without a sense of humor; the footage they showed was fun, but it didn’t blow the doors off; but if there was one saving grace (on the entertainment front) it was Kellan Lutz trying to date rape everyone in the audience from the stage. Whenever he was asked a question, he became a DudeBro who kept repeating the same thing about loving his character, loving life, and playing “The God of Moisture…the God of Wetness…” Either he was on X and was headed to a local frat party, or he really is that sexually passionate about playing Poseidon. -CA

Whether you went or not, what was your favorite part of Comic-Con 2011?

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