The 5 Must-See Movies of September 2012

By  · Published on September 4th, 2012

Finally the summer movie season is over. It was decent, never truly great or terrible. The main films that left any lasting impression were the little guys, besides The Avengers and maybe one or two other exceptions. Now that we’re out of summer, it’s fitting this month seems to be a hybrid of what we expect from the previously exited season and awards time. We got the new Paul Thomas Anderson film, while we are also in store for the movie you all really care about: Dredd 3D!

Overall, it’s a light month ahead of us, but one with enough potential. Plus, even if we were getting a new Resident Evil pic every weekend this month, we’d still have The Master to overshadow all that blandness and Milla Jovovichness.

The Master

Opens September 14th

It’d be nice if Paul Thomas Anderson could pick up the pace and give us one of his precious movies once every two years or so. The man takes his time, and that fact always shows in the final product. As great as more Anderson in the world would be, the wait involved in a PTA film manages to make his work all the more exciting. We’ve seen plenty of footage for The Master online already, and everything about it screams PTA. According to early screening and festival reviews, it lives up to his filmography.

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Dredd 3D

Opens September 21st

With all the chatter over a rough production – namely, with rumors of director Pete Travis being locked out of the editing room – the positive buzz out of the Comic-Con screening has made this reboot more promising than it ever should have been. Apparently Dredd 3D is a brutal, slick, and quick 90 minutes. In other words, everything the original Dredd adaptation was not.

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End of Watch

Opens September 21

We can’t say too much about this title on the site, but needless to say, Kate Erbland and I are both fans of David Ayer’s cop drama. Ayer’s films, even Training Day, are simple B-movies. They’re fun, but don’t contain half the emotion and power End of Watch has, especially in the movie’s third act.

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Opens September 28

Hopefully this will get Rian Johnson an audience which goes beyond his fancy twitter feed. Whenever that trailer plays in a theater, and “A Rian Johnson film” appears on screen, you can’t help but wonder how many people in the audience actually know who he is, but they should. They absolutely should. After two excellent films, Brick and The Brother’s Bloom, it’s easy to put trust in Johnson to deliver on the promise of Looper. Based on the film’s buzz, that seems more than possible.

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Hotel Transylvania

Opens September 28th

Both Dexter’s Laboratory and Samurai Jack showed Genndy Tartakovsky as a man with a unique voice. They were playful, witty, and, in the case of Samurai Jack, fairly kick-ass. Now Tartakovsky is coming out with his first feature film, and it’s a no-brainer why it’s a must-see movie. With that concept – and, yes, even with Adam Sandler voicing Dracula – this looks right up Tartakovsky’s alley.

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What September movies are you looking forward to the most?

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