The 2014 Summer Box Office Challenge Week 2: Spider-Man’s Greatest Battle Yet Is With His New…

By  · Published on May 5th, 2014

The 2014 Summer Box Office Challenge Week 2: Spider-Man’s Greatest Battle Yet Is With His New ‘Neighbors’

Art by Derek Bacon

Welcome to week two of our 2014 Summer Box-Office Challenge!

Think of it as a summer-long contest for movie-lovers ‐ you’ll make predictions and guesses as to which summer movies will rule the box-office each week, we award points and at the end of the contest the three top point-earners will each win a Blu-ray/DVD prize pack! First place will win ten (10) Blu-ray/DVD titles released throughout the coming summer, second place wins five (5) and third place wins two (2). We’ll have bonus questions each week as well to help bolster your point totals and keep you in the running.

The box-office actuals for week one are now in, and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is the #1 film at $91.6m and Walk of Shame earned (far) less than $200k. We’re tracking everyone’s points, but we’ll only be listing the top five players each week. Here are the current top five players.

  1. Husain ‐ 9 points
  2. AKFilmFan ‐ 7 pts
  3. Joe Webb ‐ 2 pts
  4. 500 Words ‐ 2 pts
  5. Solomon Meyer ‐ 2 pts

Please note that this early in the game the vast majority of players have exactly two points, so positions 3–4 are just the players who also came closest in their guesses for question #1. And now it’s on to week two! Check out the challenge questions below and play along in the comments section.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opened with fairly solid numbers despite being an amazingly bad movie, and while there are three new wide releases opening this coming weekend the odds are that the web-slinger will hang on to the top spot. The only real competition is the new comedy, Neighbors, starring Seth Rogen, Rose Byrne, Zac Efron and others. It’s been earning high praise from critics and preview audiences, but will guaranteed laughs be enough to take down the summer’s first superhero film?

To enter, leave a comment below with your answers to these questions by 11:59 pm Central time Wednesday:

  1. Predict the #1 film at the box office for May 9–11 and how much it will earn: The closest correct answer earns 5 points, the 2nd closest earns 3 points and a correct guess within one million dollars earns an additional 2 points. (Example: “Chef, $105m”)
  2. Bonus Question: Will Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return earn more or less than $5 million this weekend? A correct answer earns 2 points.

Here are the incredibly simple rules:

We’ll return next Monday for week 3 and our updated leader-board. Thanks for playing and good luck!

[Editor’s note: It only took a week but we already have our first attempt at cheating. Not cool people. We note the guesses immediately after the 11:59p CST cutoff Wednesday night, and edits made to your comment after that time are not only irrelevant to the game but they’re also cheating… and cheating is grounds for dismissal from the game. Don’t cheat.]

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