‘Thanks for Sharing’ Trailer: For People Who Couldn’t Watch ‘Shame’ Because It Was Too Sad

By  · Published on June 26th, 2013

Remember that light-hearted sex addiction film by the guy who co-wrote The Kids Are All Right, starring The Hulk, Pepper Potts, and Broadway’s own Josh Gad that sounded so cool when it was first announced? Nope, we didn’t either ‐ until the first trailer for Thanks for Sharing popped up on the ol’ Internet machine today. Turns out, sex addiction can be totally funny! Sort of! Okay, maybe! But it can definitely star Mark Ruffalo and Gwyneth Paltrow in decidedly non-Avengers roles and in a way that looks at least somewhat amusing.

In short, if you wanted to see Shame and worried that it was too sad or too intense (and, as someone who saw a woman go into a seizure in the middle of the film that I’m still convinced had something to do with Michael Fassbender’s, um, performance, I don’t blame you), Stuart Blumberg’s Thanks for Sharing just might be for you. Oh, also, Pink stars in it, too. Maybe it will be a Mark Wahlberg type thing!

Don’t go on the subway and watch the first trailer for Thanks for Sharing instead, just after the break.

Thanks for Sharing opens on September 20th. [Yahoo! Movies]