Teaching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Watch a Film Masterclass with Ang Lee

By  · Published on November 27th, 2012

Fans of our Filmmaking Tips feature and those who love to hear how the sausage is made might especially enjoy this lengthy video featuring a discussion with Ang Lee about the art of movies. The filmmaker is coming off of Life of Pi, which is either a transcendent experience with stunning visuals or just a bunch of stunning visuals depending on who you ask. Still, Lee is one of the most diverse directors currently working. It’s a rare storyteller who wrestles with both The Hulk and Mr. Darcy in between Wire fu adventures and cowboy love stories.

Here, he talks more than a bit about the process of making Life of Pi as it fits into his usual framework of methods, and even though there’s a bit of translation to slog through, it’s well worth the effort. Hat tip to Roger Ebert for sending it out into the world.

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