‘Taken’ Sequel, Americanized ‘District B13’ In the Works

Screenwriter Robert Mark Kamen and Luc Besson have designs on another Taken and a new version of District B13. Today’s forecast calls for ass kicking with a slight chance of parkour.
By  · Published on March 12th, 2009

In the best lower-budget, blow-out action film news of the morning, it appears as though screenwriter par example Robert Mark Kamen will be un-shockingly pairing with Luc Besson to bring a sequel to the box office steamroller Taken at some point in the near future. Also coming through the chute for the pair is an American re-imagining of District B13, a film that parkoured everyone’s face off when it first hit theaters.

The first news is fantastic. The second is solid, although it sets off our bi-weekly debate on Americanizing already-incredible films.

There’s no information beyond the existence and intent of the projects because the news comes from a stark few sentences at the end of an incredible piece written in the LA Times about the unusually strong partnership between the screenwriter and the iconic French producer/director.

The piece is a very cool read – detailing their history and the large-scale goal of Besson’s to create a studio to crank out better action films than Hollywood can make for cheaper and have them rage success all over the US, Europe, and Asia.

Besson does with people’s bodies what Michael Bay does with explosions. He commands things to be IMPRESSIONNANT. Yes, that’s the French word for “AWESOME,” and yes, I know we’re going to need to work on it. Maybe come up with another catch phrase for the guy.

Of course, the best news is that, for probably the first time in history, a screenwriter is getting treated with incredible respect and reverence for the outstanding work that he does.

What do you think? Ready for more parkour and Liam Neeson kicking ass? Yes, you are. Don’t even think about it.

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