Sundance Favorite ‘Toy’s House’ Gets a Release Date and a New Title

By  · Published on February 27th, 2013

Briefly: Deadline Hollywood reveals that Jordan Vogt-Roberts’ feature debut, the Sundance favorite formerly known as Toy’s House, has picked up both a new name (Kings of Summer, which is infinitely less clever, but what can you do) and a release date. The film will hit theaters, thanks to CBS Films, on June 14th. A funny, sweet, and nuanced coming-of-age tale about running away and finding your place in the world, Vogt-Roberts’ film centers on three teen boys who run away from home and build their own idyllic house in the middle of some neighboring woods. It’s a nice new addition into classic “growing up” canon and it will (hopefully) be a hit with kids and kids at heart. Also, Nick Offerman, Megan Mullally, and Alison Brie co-star in it, so comedy fans should love this one, too.

Allison saw the film back at Sundance and, in her review, called it “a fully realized vision that those coming-of-age and those who already have should find enjoyable.” She also gave props to its “impressive young cast, particularly [Nick] Robinson who commands the screen as Joe, a boy who is equal parts mature and naive, someone on the cusp of becoming a man, but not quite yet there.”